Are you the owner of this land or the watchman?

We came across with an elderly woman while wandering and taking fresh air in Veterans Farm. Ataturk down from his horse, came close to this old woman’s side.
– “Hello grandma!”
The woman with a softly looking at his face;
– “Hello!” said.
– “Where are you coming from and going to?” The woman pause awhile,
– “Why do you ask?”  she said.  “Are you the owner of this land or the watchman?”
Pasha smiled.
– “I am neither  the owner nor the watchman, grandma! This land is the property of the Turkish nation. The guardian of the land is Turkish nation itself.
“Now, will you tell where are you coming from and going to?” She shook her head.
– “I will say of course, I am coming from a parched village of Sincan where hard to grow the grass and the horse are.”
Our village headman bought me a ticket and put me on the train, I came to Angora.”
– “Why the village headman sent you to Angora?”
–  “To see me Gazi Pasha. I had given to him headache ….
My two sons had fallen in the war.
I always prayed, I shall not die without seeing the person once who saved the country from the enemies. Gazi Pasha entered my dreams. When I narrated the story of the day to the village head, than he bought to me the ticket and let me go to the Angora, I came at night. Since last night I have been going from there to there because I do not know where to go to find him.”
– “Do you have another request from Gazi Pasa?” Suddenly the woman’s face was hardened.

– She said “Repent, gentlemen, repent! What more could I want… He saved our homeland. He saved us from the enemy’s hand. He didn’t let the enemy mash our grave of the martyries,  what could I want from him more?  Now, we live as we want because of him. Didn’t we being saved an offspring of the enemies, through him? I came here to see his face and tank to him? If I die without seeing him, I will die with open eyes. You look like a good man; tell me where can find him? ”
Ataturk’s eyes was full of tears, it was clear that the case very heart touching. He turned to me,
– “You see Gokce, she is our people… that my villager, my faithful mother. I got off the horse. I held the hand of the old woman I told “Mama, you found here where you have been looking at the sky, adorning your dreams, the man rushing up you to come here is Ataturk stands in front of you.”
Peasant women were amazed when she heard these words. She throw her wand and hugged Ataturk’s hands.
This was a sight to be seen. Both were crying. Two
Turkish people, one is a saviour and the other one recovered, they were crying like a mother and son. The old woman kissed maybe ten times his hands. Ataturk kissed her hands. After, she pulled a small package from her saddlebag. More precisely, a cottage cheese wrapped in a cloth. She handed it to Ataturk;
– I made it from my single cow’s milk, I brought you as a present. If you love, I will bring again?”
Ataturk opened the cheese cloth and ate. He said “He liked it very much.” Then we went up together to the pavilion.
There Ataturk gave the following order;
“Accommodate our mother for two days. Then take her to the village. On the way, give her three cows as my gift.”